The popular Uptown Minneapolis restaurant Café Barbette closed last weekend after at least 29 customers suffered stomach illnesses caused by salmonella bacteria, reports the Pioneer Press.

The outbreak is unusual because of the relatively high number of people infected and the intensity of their illnesses, according to health officials. Of 23 restaurant-based salmonella outbreaks reported from 1995 to 2003, only five involved more than 20 people whose infections were confirmed by lab tests. In the recent outbreak, half of those infected at Café Barbette sought medical care.

Minneapolis inspectors have conducted several on-site reviews of the restaurant, which has been closed since Sunday. County health officials also have interviewed the customers who became ill.

Owner Kim Bartmann believes the outbreak was an isolated incident but said she has purchased or improved restaurant equipment, including a walk-in cooler, since the outbreak.

Bartmann said she expected the restaurant to reopen today, although it first must pass an inspection by the city.