As the investigation continues into the cause of a salmonella outbreak affecting at least 188 people in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the number of suspected cases are on the rise as 13 Ohioians have become ill possibly as the result of eating contaminated produce from a Sheetz convenience store reports Bethany Holstein of Wire Dispatches.

Ohio Department of Health spokesman Kristopher Weiss said Wednesday that only two of the 13 cases in Ohio had the same bacterial strain that’s being investigated in Pennsylvania. More testing is being done and investigations continue at Coronet Foods Inc., the Wheeling-based distributor that supplied the tomatoes to the Sheetz stores.

According to Coronet Foods Inc. Director of Food Safety and Quality Assurance Manager Alicia Thayer, no new test results have been received that would identify the cause of the salmonella outbreak, but she did say the investigation is ongoing.

On Monday] the company did have a sample of sliced Roma tomatoes come back with a positive test for salmonella, but the strain found was not the javiana type that was found in the patients diagnosed with salmonellosis.