"Salmonella outbreak plagues University" headlines today’s story by Jack Ackerman in The Daily Princetonian.  

Since we first reported on students and staff getting sick at Princeton Univesity, the only thing that has changed is the rising numbers.   The latest totals are 16 confirmed salmonella infections, 15 students and one staff member.  Lab reports from stool samples collected from 59 others have yet to come in.

The Daily Princetonian says the investigation is focused on the dining faciliites inside the Frist Campus Center.   Princeton has switched produce suppliers,  closed salad bars temporarily in the Frist Gallery, and stopped serving some foods "commonly connected to salmonella infections."

A Princeton spokesman says the lastest onset of anyone getting salmonella on campus is April 30th.   Frist is very nearly in the exact center of the campus marked with the "H" on this map.