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The CDC reports that since the last update on September 9, 2015, 77 new ill people have been reported from Alaska (1), Arizona (6), California (17), Colorado (2), Idaho (6), Indiana (2), Minnesota (8), Montana (3), Nevada (2), New Mexico (4), North Dakota (1), Oklahoma (2), South Carolina (1), Texas (2), Utah (7), Washington (5), Wisconsin (7), and Wyoming (1).As of September 15, 2015, a total of 418 people infected with the outbreak strains of Salmonella Poona have been reported from 31 states. The number of ill people reported from each state is as follows: Alaska (10), Arizona (72), Arkansas (6), California (89), Colorado (16), Hawaii (1), Idaho (14), Illinois (6), Indiana (2), Kansas (1), Kentucky (1), Louisiana (4), Minnesota (20), Missouri (8), Montana (13), Nebraska (2), Nevada (9), New Mexico (22), New York (4), North Dakota (2), Ohio (2), Oklahoma (10), Oregon (8), Pennsylvania (2), South Carolina (8), Texas (20), Utah (37), Virginia (1), Washington (15), Wisconsin (9), and Wyoming (4).

Among people for whom information is available, illnesses started on dates ranging from July 3, 2015 to September 3, 2015. Ill people range in age from less than 1 year to 99, with a median age of 17. Fifty-two percent of ill people are children younger than 18 years. Fifty-three percent of ill people are female. Among 290 people with available information, 91 (31%) report being hospitalized. Two deaths have been reported from California (1) and Texas (1).

sm-map-poona-09-08-2015On September 11, 2015, Custom Produce Sales voluntarily recalled all cucumbers sold under the Fat Boy label starting August 1, 2015 because they may be contaminated with Salmonella. These cucumbers were sent to Custom Produce Sales from Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce. Fat Boy label cucumbers were produced in Baja California, Mexico and distributed in the states of California, Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and Texas. Unlabeled cucumbers packed into a black reusable plastic container, and sold in Nevada as of August 1, 2015, are also covered by this recall. The type of cucumber is often referred to as a “slicer” or “American” cucumber. It is dark green in color and typical length is 7 to 10 inches. In retail locations it is typically sold in a bulk display without any individual packaging or plastic wrapping. These cucumbers are shipped in a black, green, and red cardboard box which reads “Fat Boy Fresh Produce.” Photos of the packing cartons are available.