Last week, ABC correspondent Wendy Ryan nominated Alessi Bakery and Deli for her Dirty Dining list because the Tampa institution had racked up dozens of critical violations. Now, Action News has learned that a party catered by Alessi just two weeks ago made over 20 people sick with salmonella poisoning and sent others to the hospital.

Leslie Fields celebrated her 40th birthday with a party catered by Alessi. Just 24 hours after the event, ABC Action News reports, she became violently ill.
"After hearing that they had 75 violations just this year, they’ve had time and opportunity to clean up their act and make sure their food prep is where it should be," she observed. "So I’m very disappointed. This could have been avoided. A lot of people were sick from this."
The Hillsborough County Health Department is also investigating a second party catered by Alessi that made people sick.
Alessi owner Phil Alessi told Action News he’s cooperating with the Health Department and doesn’t want to comment until the investigation is complete.