More than 50 people who ate food at a recent church picnic got sick, and 10 cases have been confirmed as salmonella infection. The caterer had no permit from the Durham Health Department and his business had not been inspected, reports the News Observer.

Tests proved that the baked beans on the menu at the 29th pastoral anniversary of Peace Missionary Baptist Church on June 26 were contaminated, said Brian Letourneau, Durham County health director.

An investigation last week by health officials found that 55 people had gotten sick. But Thompkins said the number has grown and is closer to 68 of the 200 people who attended the event. At least five people were admitted to hospitals.

Caterer Carl T. Privette had provided food at a church event in 1999, and members thought he had a permit. Privette said he has a business license and works out of his home. The church plans no action against the caterer.

Letourneau urged people to verify the permits of catering services.