Five cases of salmonella poisoning have been confirmed in Porter County, prompting the shutdown late this morning of a Chesterton restaurant. Three of the individuals affected were hospitalized from their illness, two of whom remained in the hospital today.

Lakeshore Cafe and Family Restaurant has shut down indefinitely at the request of the Porter County Health Department, said health board attorney David Hollenbeck. Hollenbeck said the health department asked Lakeshore Cafe to shut down today, and the restaurant complied. He emphasized that the restaurant owners have been "totally and completely cooperative" in the health department’s investigation.
The restaurant will remain closed "until we’re able to sort out the facts as we have them" and correct the situation, Hollenbeck said.
Hollenbeck said the health department is not characterizing the case as an outbreak, noting that in the 1980s, about 40 people became ill from salmonella poisoning at a single banquet in Porter County. Another salmonella case in the 1980s was linked to a fast-food restaurant.