Five employees of a Mexican restaurant in Norwalk, Ohio have tested positive for the rare S. Muenchen type of Salmonella.  It’s  match with at least 29 customers of the Casta Fiesta restaurant who also became sick.  Another seven customers also contracted a less rare type of Salmonella.

‘We do not suspect that the salmonella is circulating in the food supply because no other local or statewide restaurants are suspected as a source. When a food supplier is the source of an outbreak, we typically see people who have eaten at various restaurants statewide,” local Health District Commissioner Tim Hollinger told the Morning Journal newspaper.

The newspaper reported that two containers of leftovers from Casa Fiesta patrons who got salmonella were sent to the Ohio Department of Health for testing and were returned negative for the disease.

The Health District told the Casa Fiesta employees who had salmonella and restaurant management that the workers are prohibited from returning to work until they have received two clean tests taken at least 24 hours apart. The workers have not returned to work, the Morning Journal reported.

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