This time of year, you see school kids on all sorts of field trips.   Seems teachers can only stand to be locked up with the little buggers for so long.   What could be better than taking them out to something called "Stone Environmental" camp on a rented piece of the "Purity Springs Resort" in Madison, N.H.?

You are promised that the little juveniles "will take a part of the environment" home with them.  Little did they expect that part of the environment leaving camp with them would be Salmonella bacteria!

That, however, is pretty much the story in New England where first 70 of 98 students from the Woodbury Middle School were struck by Salmonella poisoning while attending the Stone Environmental Camp.   Then,  20 of 30 Dedham Country Day School fifth-graders also got sick on the field trip.

The first group was at Stone during the week of April 13th and the second the following week on April 22-24.   Stone shut down, but is now free to re-open as health officials have discovered the source of the Salmonella was pudding provided to the campers by the Purity Springs Resort.

Dedham Daily News has story here.