ConAgra, the producer that distributed salmonella contaminated peanut butter to thousands of consumers under the labels Pater Pan and Great Value, denies all allegations made in the class action lawsuit filed in Rome, Georgia.  Full story

Peanut butter producer ConAgra has denied all allegations made against it in a federal lawsuit seeking more than $5 million in damages because of alleged salmonella poisoning. The lawsuit and the corporation’s response have been filed in U.S. District Court in Rome.

Plaintiffs charge that the Delaware-based company distributed contaminated peanut butter that caused hundreds of consumers in more than 40 states to contract the illness and many to be hospitalized.

The Food and Drug Administration in February warned consumers about salmonella detected in peanut butter under the Peter Pan and Great Value labels made at the corporation’s plant in Sylvester.


    I really hope you lose. Really.

  • Sherry

    my son was so sick for days and days i hope to god they lose..and why a recall if they are going to deny it?

  • Dee

    I was very ill after consuming Peter Pan Peanut Butter. I was driving home and started to feel faint. Out of no where I started vomiting uncontrollably. My doctor prescribed medicine for nausea after I advised him I was too weak to get to him. I literally had to crawl back and forth to the restroom when I made it home. At one point I was so weak I crawled into the bathtub and turned on the cold water to stay alert. My neighbor noticed that I’d left my front door ajar and decided to check on me. After the medicine did not work for more than several hours, my doctor advised my neighbor to get me to the emergency room immediately. I was too weak to make it to the car so my neighbor called an ambulance for me because I was about to collapse. I was in a lot of pain and was severely dehydrated. I thought I was going to die. I hope no one has to endure this type of agony ever.

  • dusty

    I was sick to and have medical documentation. I will never buy from Con Agra again.

  • candice

    my daughter was hospitalize for 5 days after eating the dam peanut butter. And it is very sad that in these days you cannot find a decent attorney that will fight for your rights after 3 years we were offer a settlement and we are not taking it. you wouldn’t believe the price they put on it I will tell you it’s higher that $200.00 & lower that $350.00

  • whit

    My mother suffered 4 blood transfusions and a year in and out of hospitals. 100% physically healthy before eating an ENTIRE jar of the contaminated peanut butter within a year she developed LUPUS, KROHNS DIEASE, FIBROMYALGIA, & she just died 8 months ago! Yet their company continues to shelf their products and take no responsibility in they’ve done to my family and many others!

  • tracy

    My three kids and i got sick off that p.b my. daughter was admitted for four days i was four months pregnant and vomited so hard i ripped a hole in my stomach had to have emergency surgery so it wouldn’t harm my unborn baby i told the dr.s what i ate along with my kids said oh no p.b cant make you sick your mistaken it might just be a virus but if it was a virus my mother in law didn’t have it because she doesn’t eat p.b i suffered in the hospital by myself stressing about my daughter upstairs and my boys at him pooping there guts out and for it to be a virus she still didn’t get sick tending to my boys turns out in feb recalled the p.b i went to cabinet and had three jars between creamy crunchy and honey roasted they need to be held responsible and i feel the medical facility should be held also for. Sending my boys home and. Disputing with me aboutwhatmade us sick don’t u?