A second Salmonella outbreak, or maybe the second stage of the first one, is underway in Colorado.

It adds up to 21 confirmed cases of Salmonella from the end of June into July.   First reports of Salmonella in Colorado coincided with the July 22ND recall of nearly 500,000 pounds of ground beef by the Kroger owned grocery store chain know as King Soopers, based in Denver.

The ongoing Salmonella outbreak has prompted the Colorado Department of Environmental Health to warn the public to either avoid eating or thoroughly cook ground beef to avoid illness.

The recalled beef was contaminated with salmonella, and the strain involved is resistant to antibiotics.

Health officials say they have more investigating to do, but they have linked all the illnesses to ground beef.  The recalled King Soopers beef was also distributed through Dillon stores in Kansas, Missouri, and Nebraska.   None of it was still being sold at the time of the recall, but health officials suspected consumers might have the ground beef in their home freezers.