The Butte County Public Health Department has pinpointed the source of a recent salmonella outbreak in the Chico area.  Lab tests and interviews confirm a may fundraiser called the "Margarita Mix-Off" sickened at least 15 people.  It was held by the Chico Active 20-30 Club on May 8th at Manzanita Place, with 15 people contracting symptoms of salmonella poisoning.

The Health Department isn’t sure what food or drink at the event was contaminated.  Butte County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Lundberg says it was most likely caused by cross contamination, but was contained to the Mix-Off.  He says, “It didn’t match any other outbreak in the country it was such rare salmonella, so it didn’t match any of the other outbreaks going on.”

Two people were hospitalized with severe cases, but continue to recover.