James Bright of the Express-Star reported that the Oklahoma State Health Department concluded that the Temazcal restaurant in Chickasha was linked with an outbreak of six Salmonella cases in Grady County over the last two months.

“Our findings were that Temazcal was most likely the source of this salmonella outbreak,” Dr. Laurie Smithee, chief of acute disease for the Oklahoma State Health Department said.

This information came after Temazcal voluntarily closed March 4, when a routine investigation by the health department discovered the restaurant’s walk in-cooler was not working properly.

Smithee said the information is based on a statistical study done by the health department so there is an extremely small chance Temazcal is not the source of the outbreak.

“We know that all six cases were confirmed to have the identical salmonella organism through our case and controlled study,” she said.

The organism found was Salmonella Enteriditis.