Health officials in Porter County closed a restaurant indefinitely after five cases of salmonella poisoning were linked to the business.

The Lakeshore Cafe and Family Restaurant was closed Tuesday.
Two elderly women were in a hospital Tuesday in stable condition, and another was treated and released, Porter hospital spokesman Andrew Snyder told the Post-Tribune of Merrillville for a story today. Two other people who became ill did not require treatment, said Porter County Health Board Attorney David Hollenbeck.
Hollenbeck said restaurant owners Stavros and Kelly Mamouzelos were cooperating with officials.
Keith Letta, the county health administrator, said a sink that employees were supposed to use to wash their hands before preparing different foods had been removed during recent remodeling.
Mamouzelos said she does not believe the problem is related to the sink because it was not removed until after the diners became ill.
The sink was back Tuesday, and Mamouzelos said she hopes to reopen the restaurant soon.