Two and half weeks ago, someone was still getting sick from Salmonella Saintpaul.  According to today’s report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the latest onset date for the illness was July 19th.  During much of the outbreak, the latest onset date was as recently as ten days ago or less.   So, it’s possible the outbreak is playing itself out.

Meanwhile, the total number of confirmed cases reached 1,348, including 262 who required hospital stays.   Salmonella Saintpaul also contributed to the deaths of two Texas men.  CDC reports on the sources of the outbreak stating the following:

These epidemiological studies indicate that more than one food vehicle is involved in this outbreak. No one food item can explain the entire outbreak. By themselves, tomatoes cannot explain the entire outbreak, nor do jalapeño peppers explain all the clusters. Although rare, there have been outbreaks in the past in which more than one food source has been implicated.

For the complete CDC report, go here.