The Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter outbreak has grown tremendously since February, sickening more than 600 in 47 states.  Reuters reports:

A widespread outbreak of salmonella from Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter has sickened 628 people in 47 U.S. states, but fewer people are falling ill, U.S. health authorities said on Thursday.

The outbreak, which came on the heels of a recall of bagged spinach contaminated with E. coli last year, touched off renewed debate about food safety when investigators linked the illnesses to peanut butter made at a ConAgra Foods Inc. plant in Georgia. ConAgra ceased production and recalled the product in February.

In mid-February the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had linked 288 cases of food-borne illness in 39 states to peanut butter consumption. By March 7, that total had climbed to 425 people in 44 states. As of May 22, some 200 more people in another three states were infected.