The Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment (WCDPHE) continues to investigate an outbreak of Salmonella illness at several locations in Weld County. The source of the outbreak is the Burrito Delight restaurant, which has voluntarily closed both of its locations in Fort Lupton and Dacono. It is still under investigation as to what is the specific source. The investigation continues around possible food sources.

To date, there are 21 laboratory-confirmed cases of Salmonella and the number of probable cases continues to rise.  There have been 4 hospitalizations.

The breakdown of the laboratory-confirmed cases by county includes:

  • Weld = 14
  • Larimer = 3
  • Bolder = 2
  • Morgan = 1
  • Adams = 1

Cases by Event

  • Aims Event on February 6th = 3
  • Aims Event on February 12th = 9
  • Restaurant Dine-in (Ft. Lupton) = 5
  • Takeout to Place of Employment = 4

Cases by Restaurant

  • Fort Lupton = 20
  • Dacono = 1

Symptoms of Salmonella illness include diarrhea, upset stomach, fever, and occasionally vomiting. Symptoms typically last 4 to 7 days, and most people recover on their own. Anyone who suspects they became ill should contact their health care provider. For some people, the diarrhea may become so severe that they require hospitalization. Symptoms typically appear 6-72 hours after eating contaminated food and will typically last for 4 to 7 days without treatment. However, in severe cases, the symptoms may last longer.

The Weld County Health Department has created a “Salmonella Investigation Report Update” that can be found at: (Click on Health Hot Topics).

For anyone who suspects they became sick with Salmonella in February, please call the Weld County Health Department Salmonella triage line: 970.400.2374 (staffed M-F, 8-5; messages can be left after hours).

A non-staffed hotline (available 24/7), is also available at: 970.400.4457.