Deborah Kotz of the Boston Globe reports that 12 people in Cambridge, Boston, and possibly elsewhere in the state, have been sickened by a Salmonella outbreak since late June, prompting the closure of all Clover restaurantsand food trucks with locations in Cambridge, Brookline, Burlington, and Boston.

Ayr Muir, CEO of Clover said he was informed late Friday about the Salmonella outbreak in Massachusetts by state health investigators and decided to close all his operations over the weekend as a precautionary measure. “Some of the people diagnosed with the strain they’re investigating had eaten meals at Clover,” he said, “and they told me they haven’t spoken to everyone yet.”

So far no hospitalizations or deaths have occurred from the outbreak, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, and no other restaurants beyond Clover have closed their doors. The Department launched its investigation late last week.

Muir, a graduate of Harvard and MIT, said he hesitated at first about closing his facilities and writing about the salmonella outbreak on Clover’s website. “It just felt right to be transparent,” he said. “We take this really seriously, and I think our customers understand and appreciate that.”