June 8, 2007 – IBN NEWS Full Story

Australia – A bakery in the Melbourne suburb of Springvale has been ordered to close after nine customers fell ill with salmonella poisoning.

Four people are still in hospital after eating products bought from the bakery on Springvale Road, which specialises in Vietnamese goods.

Victoria’s acting chief health officer Dr Chrissie Pickin issued an order yesterday requiring the business to close. The order also requires the business owners to dispose of all their food and thoroughly clean the premises.

The bakery would be allowed to reopen once health investigators were satisfied that the cleanup was done satisfactorily, and that food handlers at the bakery were clear about how to handle food properly, Dr Pickin said.

  • Kim

    I am the 10th victim! And still feeling stomach pains!

  • Joyce Jordan

    I too got sick from the peanut butter. I still have not sent my lid in for a refund because I am waiting on a class action lawsuit. I was so sick I thought I was going to die, that’s just the way I felt! Stomach pains, headaches, diarreah and my chest felt like it was going to burst at times. My hair started falling out and my skin looked horrible and greyish, eyes puffy. I was trying one morning before going to work to try and hurry up and get dressed because I felt so bad and thought I needed to call 911 for help. I had never felt so bad before, but I feel much better now since I quit eating it and started taking vitamins. I had eaten 1/2 the jar.