Athens City-County Health Department officials are investigating an outbreak of salmonella poisoning.  Administrator Chuck Hammer says 12 people have shown symptoms so far.  Positive test results have come back on three of those people.  Hammer says six people have been hospitalized.

Many of the people have what Hammer calls a similar food history.  Hammer says investigators from his department have been out inspecting Casa Lopez on East State Street in Athens for the last couple of days.  He says nothing was found that would warrant closing the restaurant or a need to warn the public about it.  Casa Lopez remains a licensed operation.  Some items from the restaurant were taken for testing.

  • ryan

    I just got food poisoning from eating a beef taco salad from Taqueria San Jose, in Modesto, California (Briggsmore/Prescott) and had to be hospitalized after puking for nearly 10 hours and being massively dehydrated. I also suffered from diarrhea and abdominal pains, fever and loss of sleep since it occurred over night. I did not have anything else to eat that night nor the afternoon prior The doctor I saw said the staph infection I got is protein source related. The sickness came 2-3 hours after eating the taco salad which the doctor said sounds right. I will be sure to never eat there again and warn others of my experience.