In the past week and a half, seven confirmed salmonella cases have been reported in the Sierra Vista area.

Of the seven cases, two have been serotyped as Oranienburg, the same kind of salmonella that had been reported in another outbreak during the fall months. The other five cases have been serotyped as Enteridis, according to Karla Jensen, spokeswoman for the county health department.

Health officials have not been able to identify the source of the outbreak.

  • sierra marler

    I don’t understand how salmonella can outbreak so badly I thought you just get it from snakes and rodents and animals like that and from not washing your hands after you handle them. The reason I say this is because my brother had it from not washing his hands after helping with the cleaning of my corn snakes cage and his whole intestine turned inside out. It turned it right side in though after a few long and painful nights,with some moaning and groaning from my
    brother. But seriously though,how can salmonella outbreak so easilly? Would someone please tell me that so the next time I get another snake,I will know what’s wrong if someone gets sick and it is the cause is.