Flat Creek resident Lou Couch and at least three other people from Lancaster County were among the more than 270 people who contracted salmonella poisoning in the outbreak that began in Camden last week. Couch was hospitalized when she came down with salmonella poisoning after eating at the Old South Buffet in Camden.

Ginger Worth, clinical director of emergency room services at Spring Memorial Hospital, said no victims of the Camden outbreak were treated at Springs, but the hospital is always looking for signs of an epidemic.

Vicki Hinson from the Lancaster County Health Department has some tips to prevent salmonella poisoning. "If you have a pet lizard or snake, you need to wash your hands thoroughly before eating," Hinson said.

She also said potato salad left out can really be dangerous and that meat should be kept off top shelves in the refrigerator so juices don’t drip down and contaminate other food.