The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has reported that 20 people in Wisconsin have tested positive for Salmonella, one of the most common foodborne illnesses.

Wisconsin-There have been 20 lab-confirmed cases of salmonella in a four-county area, according to Margaret Gesner, health officer for the Caledonia/Mount Pleasant Health Department in Racine County.

Sixteen are in the Racine area, two in Waushara County, one in Kenosha County and one in Milwaukee County, she said.

The Caledonia/Mount Pleasant Health Department is working in conjunction with the City of Racine Health Department, the state Department of Health and Family Services and the State Laboratory of Hygiene to track and monitor the outbreak.

The source of the outbreak is not known, but Gesner said people who have confirmed cases of the illness are being interviewed to determine if there is a link. Salmonella is spread by eating contaminated food or water, or from people who have it or from animals.