Peel Health officials say 16 Peel residents have contracted potentially-deadly salmonella poisoning from eating contaminated bean sprouts, and they say that number will continue to climb.

As of yesterday afternoon, 43 Peel residents were infected with salmonella poisoning, including 30 people in Mississauga. Sixteen of the Peel cases have been directly linked to an outbreak across Ontario, while the others are still under investigation. The salmonella outbreak has affected more than 400 people. At this time last year, Ontario had experienced only about 60 cases.

Health officials suspect a Toronto-based producer and distributor, Sun Wah Trading Inc., which has about 20 per cent of the bean sprout market in Ontario, is responsible for the contamination.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency this week ordered a province-wide recall of all mung bean sprout products distributed by Sun Wah. The company has since recalled all mung bean sprout products from grocery store shelves, distributors, and restaurants.

Last week, Toronto public health authorities shut down Sun Wah, also known as Hollend Enterprises Inc.