Attorney William Marler has filed a U.S. District Court lawsuit against Paramount Farms of California for a Kennewick family who ate tainted raw almonds in February.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a recall last week of 5 million pounds of the raw almonds after five cases of salmonella poisoning in which they were the common denominator were identified in Oregon.

Paramount Foods voluntarily expanded the recall Saturday to include 13 million pounds and eight other countries after investigators in other states uncovered more cases.

So far, 18 victims have been confirmed, but others are anticipated.

The Kennewick family bought raw almonds at a Costco store in January. Three of them became sick enough to need hospitalization. The youngest, a 9-month-old boy, is recovering slowly, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit contends Paramount Farms was negligent by not pasteurizing its product.