Second in the world only to China’s melamine scandal, Salmonella was the top food-borne illness story in the United States in 2008.
Salmonella Saintpaul in tomatoes—wait—peppers. A final count of 1,442 ill in 43 states, D.C., and Canada, and those are the confirmed illnesses. Using CDC math – which estimates that for every documented case of salmonella in the US, another 38.5 go unreported – the total number sickened was probably closer to 50,000. In an outbreak that stretched for months without a smoking tomato,
Now how’s the salmonella story linked to the top story of them all in 2008—the mortgage meltdown? Through one family’s story, whose bread winner was struck down by salmonella, putting the family mortage in peril. Go here for the touching story.