The owners of Pars Cove Persian Cuisine were named as the defendant in two more lawsuits filed yesterday in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago. The lawsuits were filed on behalf of three plaintiffs all of whom became ill with Salmonella infections days after eating at the Pars Cove booth at the Taste of Chicago festival. All plaintiffs are represented by Marler Clark LLP, a Seattle-based law firm, and the Chicago injury firm Newland, Newland, and Newland. 

Plaintiffs in the lawsuits are:

  • Chicago Heights residents Dick and Christine Dean. Both Dick and Christine fell ill with Salmonella Heidelberg infections on July 6, two days after eating hummus shirazi at the Pars Cove booth at the Taste of Chicago festival. On July 12, after hearing reports of an outbreak through media reports, Mr. Dean went to the emergency room for treatment. He was admitted to the hospital, where he remained through July 17. While he was hospitalized, Mr. Dean submitted a stool sample that cultured positive for Salmonella Heidelberg. Both Dick and Christine missed considerable time from work while they were ill.
  • Chicago resident Leon Greenberg. Mr. Greenberg and his girlfriend attended the Taste of Chicago festival on July 4. While there, they sampled hummus shirazi from the Pars Cove booth. On July 6, both Mr. Greenberg and his girlfriend became ill with symptoms of Salmonella infection. Mr. Greenberg’s illness continued through the next week, and he sought medical treatment on July 14, after learning about the Salmonella outbreak linked to the Taste of Chicago festival. Mr. Greenberg submitted a stool sample for testing by CDPH, which later returned positive for Salmonella Heidelberg. Mr. Greenberg, a chef and culinary student, was unable to return to work or school until he tested negative for Salmonella twice. On August 1, Mr. Greenberg was notified by CDPH that his second stool sample had returned negative for Salmonella, and he was allowed to return to work.

“Health officials have confirmed 132 cases of Salmonella Heidelberg in people who attended the Taste of Chicago festival and ate food from the Pars Cove booth,” said Drew Falkenstein of Marler Clark, who together with the Newland firm filed another lawsuit against Pars Cove on July 24. “People made ill during this outbreak deserve to be compensated for their damages.”