The family of James Arledge have filed lawsuits against Camden`s Old South Restaurant and oven manufacturer Duke Manufacturing Company in connection with an outbreak of salmonella poisoning in May.

One of the actions is a wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of Arledge`s widow, Carolyn Arledge, and his daughter, Teresa Lee, as personal representatives of his estate. It claims Arledge died as a result of eating turkey contaminated with salmonella at Old South. The other action is a personal injury class action lawsuit filed on behalf of Carolyn Arledge and any others who also became ill from eating the turkey.

The lawsuits allege that only one of three heating elements in a Duke “E Series“ electric convection oven at Old South was working, leading the restaurant to undercook the turkey which allowed salmonella — commonly present in poultry — to survive. That turkey was served to the Arledges and dozens of others.

The lawsuits also allege, however, that Old South had no easy way of knowing the two heating elements had failed. Specifically, the lawsuit said, an indicator light on the oven may have misled Old South employees to believe the turkey had been fully cooked. Duke Manufacturing faces strict liability, negligent, breaches of implied warranty and breach of express warranty actions.

Neither lawsuit seeks a specific amount of damages, leaving those determinations up to a jury.