At least 57 people are on the sick list after an outbreak of salmonella in Hobart, Tasmania. The wave of food poisoning is believed to have forced dozens of Tasmanians on to workers’ compensation leave while they recover.

About a dozen people at work got sick and another lot from another government function.

Raw egg has been named the likely culprit for the Hobart attacks but the State Government maintained there was no need to reveal the suspected food business at the heart of the outbreak.

A champion veterans’ hockey player and active jogger Graeme Corney of Rose Bay is one of the victims who wants those who provided the bad ingredients to be made accountable. Mr Corney, 54, lost 9kg from the illness and is now so weak he can only walk a few metres. He ate sandwiches at a function for the Department of Tourism, Parks, Heritage and the Arts, where he works.

"I believe somebody should be accountable for this, it’s going to affect a lot of people’s lifestyle for at least a month," Mr Corney said.