The family of a man who died from food poisoning is taking a Camden restaurant to court. More than 300 people got salmonella poisoning after eating at the Old South Restaurant in Camden in May. The outbreak at Old South is the largest outbreak of food poisoning in South Carolina history. Health officials say undercooked turkey was to blame.

James and Carolyn Alredge were among those who got sick. Carolyn recovered, but her husband died from complications from the poisoning. Now she’s suing the restaurant and Duke Manufacturing, which manufactures the oven that cooked the food.

The lawsuit filed Thursday morning claims the oven had defective heating elements and lacked a heating gauge. "There was no way for the operator to know to adjust the cooking time to make sure the food was properly cooked," says attorney Carl L. Soloman.

The suit says the outbreak could have been prevented by both the restaurant and the oven manufacturer.

Old South is still open for business.