Marler Clark, a Seattle law firm with a long track record of successful lawsuits against food companies, has filed a nationwide class action lawsuit on behalf of all persons sickened and injured by unpasteurized orange juice contaminated with a rare strain of the salmonella bacteria. The contaminated juice was manufactured by Sun Orchard, which is based in Tempe, Arizona.

Marler Clark has been contacted by over 30 persons in several states with possible claims against Sun Orchard. At least three people have been injured seriously enough to require hospitalization. In Washington State alone, there are 14 confirmed cases, and 25 suspected cases, of people becoming ill after drinking Sun Orchard’s contaminated juice.

The State Department of Public Health is also reported to be running tests on at least two dozen more people suspected of getting ill from the Sun Orchard juice sold at World Wrapps restaurants. It is also reported that scientists found salmonella in unopened containers of Sun Orchard orange juice, confirming it as the source of the outbreak.