The January and February 2005 Salmonella Enteritidis outbreak at Beaches Sandy Bay was extensive. The outbreak was confirmed by a joint CDC and Jamaican Ministry of Health investigation.

The investigation actually began because nineteen Wisconsin State residents had been found in February 2005, as either culture-confirmed or suspected Salmonella Enteritidis cases, with a common exposure being recent travel to Jamaica. The known number of ill totaled seventy cases in the United States, coming from twelve States.

Extensive investigation yielded two products as the likely source of the various infections from the "beachside grill" — cheeseburgers (more specifically, the cheese) and eggs (more specifically, pooled eggs). Environmental testing at "Resorts A, B" showed that "pooling" eggs was a common, but unsafe practice. In fact, the executive chef was instructed to discontinue this practice. Once resort chefs stopped the practice of pooling eggs, the rates of guests presenting to nursing stations for diarrheal disease was reduced.