May 2008

This is a first.   Dry dog food did cause a Salmonella outbreak in humans.  That according to today’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Further,  dry dog food may be an under-recognized source of illness in people, especially small children, according to the CDC report.

FIGURE 1. Number of cases* of Salmonella Schwarzengrund
infection associated with contaminated dry dog food, by state
-- United States, January 1, 2006-December 31, 2007

Here’s some

"Salmonella outbreak plagues University" headlines today’s story by Jack Ackerman in The Daily Princetonian.  

Since we first reported on students and staff getting sick at Princeton Univesity, the only thing that has changed is the rising numbers.   The latest totals are 16 confirmed salmonella infections, 15 students and one staff member.  Lab reports from stool