August 2007

Food safety attorney Bill Marler spoke out from across the globe today after hearing that bagged spinach has once again been recalled for contamination with a potentially deadly foodborne pathogen. Nearly a year after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) confirmed 205 illnesses and three deaths associated with consumption of E. coli O157:H7-contaminated Dole-brand

Many organic growers are unhappy with the new food regulation that will mandate the pasteurization of California almonds.  This rule came into play after two salmonella outbreaks were traced back to raw almonds including the Paramount Farms Salmonella outbreak.

George Raine from the San Francisco Chronicle reports:

After two outbreaks of salmonella bacteria poisoning that

The Scheels family of Voorheesville, New York, was interviewed for a story in the Washington Times that was printed last weekend.  Two of the Scheels triplets became ill with Salmonella infections after eating contaminated Veggie Booty earlier this year.  The third, a picky eater who doesn’t like Veggie Booty, did not.  Elex and Patrick Scheels

At least 17 people have become ill in Moses Lake, Washington, this summer, and Grant County health investigators are searching for the source.  Some of the cases have been traced to an Arby’s restaurant located on Stratford Road, but not all have been traced to a source, according to a story posted on