October 2006

A salmonella outbreak potentially linked to produce has sickened at least 172 people in 18 states, including 51 cases that were reported in Massachusetts in September, health officials said yesterday.

Health officials said the bacteria may have spread through some form of produce; the list of suspects includes tomatoes. But the illnesses have not been

The term Salmonella refers to a group or family of bacteria that variously cause illness in humans. Salmonella serotype typhimurium and Salmonella serotype enteritidis are the most common in the United States. Salmonella has been known to cause illness for over 100 years. Salmonella javiana is the fifth most common serotype in the United States

Fresh tomatoes and lettuce have emerged as a key suspect in an 18-state outbreak of salmonella that has sickened 172 people, including eight in New Hampshire, public health officials said yesterday.

Seven of the eight New Hampshire residents had eaten fresh tomatoes, said Gregory P. Moore, spokesman for the New Hampshire Department of Health and

The CDC has announced that at least 172 people in 18 states had been confirmed ill with Salmonellosis as part of a nation-wide outbreak of Salmonella typhimurium infections. Eleven people have been hospitalized.

An ongoing investigation indicates that contaminated produce, possibly tomatoes, is the source of the outbreak. The CDC has announced that the Food

In the summer of 2004, hundreds of people on the east coast became ill from eating salmonella-tainted tomatoes purchased at Sheetz Convenience Stores.

In 2004 the FDA warned the lettuce and tomato industry by letter:

"This letter is intended to make you aware of the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) concern regarding continuing outbreaks

State and local public health officials on Thursday cleared Margaritas Restaurant to reopen, six days after the Tex-Mex eatery was ordered to close because of an outbreak of Salmonella.

Of the 15 customers who contracted Salmonella after eating at the restaurant, 4 were hospitalized.

A recent study suggests that food workers serve as an

Facing the largest food-borne illness investigation in recent history, the state’s health department says it is "too early to say" whether the agency will look at how it inspects restaurants or issues public health advisories.

The number of peopled sickened from a salmonella outbreak in Camden grew to 287 on Saturday, with 50 hospitalized. The