February 2006

Sushi King in Bentonville remained closed Monday, and health officials continued to receive reports from people who said they were sickened after eating at the restaurant. As of Monday, 123 people have reported becoming ill.

Food taken from the restaurant tested negative for salmonella. The outbreak was linked to Sushi King through food histories

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced a comprehensive initiative to reduce salmonella in raw meat and poultry products.

The initiative will include concentrating resources at facilities with higher levels of salmonella and change the reporting and utilization of FSIS’s salmonella verification test results. The effort is patterned after the FSIS initiative to

As of Thursday, 89 people have reported illnesses connected with a salmonella outbreak at a restaurant in Bentonville, Arkansas, reports NWANews.

The Arkansas Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Health, is investigating an outbreak of salmonellosis, according to a news release sent out Thursday. There is a link to Sushi King Restaurant, according

In northwest Arkansas, a possible Salmonella outbreak may be linked to a Japanese restaurant. Eighty-nine people have reported the illness, and the Division of Health says an investigation into the cases has shown many may be linked to Sushi King restaurant in Bentonville.

The restaurant has since volunteered to close temporarily. Health officials say they

USDA Agriculture Research Service scientists have found that a common water-borne protozoa protects Salmonella from lethal chemical treatments such as calcium hypohlorite. This finding could explain why some processing plant sanitation programs fail.

The ARS researchers, led by microbiologist Maria Brandl, observed that a common, water-borne protozoa known as a tetrahymena consumes live Salmonella that

Preliminary results show samples submitted by Corky and Lenny’s to the Ohio Department of Health provides some insight on the cause of the recent salmonella outbreak at the Woodmere restaurant.

The preliminary results show that multiple food items and improper food preparation and/or handling were associated with the illness outbreak.

The final results remain pending.