October 2005

The chief medical officer of the Volgograd region in southern Russia, where 120 pupils were hospitalized over the weekend with symptoms of acute gastroenteritis, said Monday that the children might have contracted salmonella.

Alexander Zlepko said, "The symptoms and the results of preliminary analysis cause me to believe that the children contracted salmonella, although

The Mercury reports Hobart has been hit by an outbreak of potentially deadly salmonella poisoning. Nine people contracted the infection, three of whom were treated at hospital.

The case follows Tasmania’s worst salmonella outbreak earlier this month at Launceston.

A Health department spokesman, Adrian Lacey, said the outbreak was being investigated.

"A cluster of nine

Confirming the cause of a food-borne illness is devilishly difficult, public health officials say, especially without a cluster of cases. Consequently, many sickened patrons don’t even bother to report incidents, and many chefs struggle with how to respond when they do.

The CDC estimates that Americans experience 76 million food-borne illnesses a year, with very

Europeans should avoid eating raw eggs and cook chicken carefully to cut down any risk of contracting bird flu, according to an advisory note expected on Wednesday from the European food safety authority.

The precautionary warning comes as the European poultry industry struggles to contain a sharp decline in sales because of consumers’ concerns about

Supermarket Waitrose has recalled seven of its chicken products because of a salmonella scare. It has listed seven chicken products which should be returned to stores.

The supermarket said it was taking the "precautionary measure" after routine tests had shown the possible presence of the bacteria in one product. The supermarket stressed the "unconfirmed presence"

In a recent survey conducted by TNS Worldwide and National Pasteurized Eggs, 72 percent of Americans said they are aware that eating raw cookie dough made with eggs can cause illness. Likewise, many are shying away from preparing and eating foods that call for undercooked or raw eggs. Many of these are holiday specialties, ethnic

The Butte Silver Bow Health Department does its share of solving mysteries with the goal of stopping the spread of disease in Southwest Montana.

Terri Hocking, a registered nurse and director of public health nursing services at the Butte Silver Bow Health Department, said the list of diseases deemed reportable to the health department includes