July 2005

Orchid Island Juice Company of Fort Pier, Fla. has voluntarily recalled a variety of brands of unpasteurized, fresh-squeezed orange juice with an expiration date from prior to July 25, 2005. This includes the Schnucks Premium Brand of orange juice sold at the Bettendorf store.

The company says this product could be potentially contaminated with salmonella

A Snohomish County teen was hospitalized after eating Cold Stone Creamery ice cream that may have been tainted with a rare strain of salmonella.

The teen is thought to be the only person in Snohomish County hospitalized by the food-borne illness, although investigations are continuing, said Donn Moyer, spokesman for the state’s public health

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Understanding Pathogen Behaviour: Virulence, Stress Response and Resistance to their offering.

Pathogens respond dynamically to their environment. Understanding their behaviour is critical both because of evidence of increased resistance to established sanitation and preservation techniques, and because of the increased use of minimal processing technologies which are

A woman who says she became ill after drinking orange juice tainted with salmonella is suing the Florida producer, claiming it was negligent in selling an unpasteurized product in West Virginia, Michigan and elsewhere.

Heather Dowdy of Caldwell filed the lawsuit against Orchid Island Juice Co. of Fort Pierce, Fla., late Thursday in U.S. District

A salmonella lawsuit has been filed against Orchid Island Juice Company of Fort Pierce, Florida. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Heather Dowdy, a Caldwell, West Virginia resident who became ill with a Salmonella infection after consuming Orchid Island unpasteurized orange juice.

Ms. Dowdy is represented by Marler Clark, the Seattle law firm nationally

Lawyers may begin trying to hammer out financial settlements for hundreds of people who were sickened by a batch of salmonella-tainted tomatoes last summer.

Seattle attorney Bill Marler, who specializes in food-related illness, said that if a judge approves, he will begin talks with attorneys for the Altoona, Pennsylvania-based Sheetz convenience store chain and

Whenever there is an outbreak of food-borne illnesses, Dean Bodager and other members of the Florida Department of Health track down the source. Most outbreaks occur at the point of preparation — a restaurant employee who didn’t wash his or her hands properly, food that wasn’t kept at the correct temperature to prevent bacteria growth

OBIM, a Ready Pac affiliated producer of fresh cut fruit, is announcing a one-time recall of various fresh cut cantaloupe items due to a small potential risk of salmonella contamination.

OBIM was informed that one of its cantaloupe suppliers, Martori Farms of Scottsdale, Arizona indicated that a sample of raw cantaloupes tested positive for salmonella

For young children, a trip to a petting zoo is a recreational and educational treat. With the rise in popularity of petting zoos, there’s a potential for the rise of E.coli and salmonella infections, mostly as a result of people not washing their hands.

Taking the simple precautions of washing immediately after visiting a petting