July 2005

The N.C. Laboratory of Public Health has detected nearly five times as many cases of a food-borne illness called Salmonella enteritidis in 2005, as compared with the first six months in 2004. State health officials are continuing to investigate, and no common source for all these cases has been found.

But recent outbreaks of the

The LA County Department of Health Services issued a health alert Wednesday to diners who ate at the Il Fornaio restaurant located at 310 N. Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills. At least three people became ill with Salmonella infections and two were hospitalized after eating at Il Fornaio between July 12 and 16. The restaurant

In North Carolina, 453 cases of salmonella have been reported in the first five months of 2005, according to North Carolina’s State Health Director Leah Devlin, M.D.

The North Carolina cases to date are four times the number of cases reported through all of 2004, and the state’s division of public health believes that the

Federal disease detectives say they’ve seen a significant decline in rates of E. coli infections because of better testing of the meat supply, but they’re making slow progress against contamination by drug-resistant strains of salmonella.

Robert Tauxe, chief of the foodborne-disease unit at the CDC, said he’s also concerned by increasing rates of contamination

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There is a large variety of Salmonellae organisms that can cause the food infection Salmonellosis.

These bacteria grow inside the host and produce a toxin which causes illness by irritating the intestinal walls. One million or more organisms must be ingested in order to cause illness.

Most cases of salmonellosis are a result of contact

Oneida County health officials have yet to find the cause of a recent outbreak of food poisoning that left two people hospitalized.

Kenneth Fanelli, public information officer for the Oneida County Health Department, said the department is searching for a "commonality" in 10 cases of salmonellosis, which is caused by eating foods contaminated with the

No common source has been found for all 15 cases of salmonella cases reported in late May and early June in Williston, but a search for a possible food supplier responsible is going nationwide.

The original cases seemed they had a common link to Economart, but as we included further cases to the report, we