February 2005

Salmonella is one of the most common intestinal infections in the United States. The reported incidence of salmonella illnesses are about 17 cases per each 100,000 persons.

In 1885, pioneering American veterinary scientist Daniel E. Salmon discovered the first strain of salmonella from the intestine of a pig.

Salmonella is a type of bacteria that

Interventions designed to kill bacteria during the rinse-and-chill cycles in meat and poultry plants are being given greater emphasis by manufacturers and users of antimicrobial treatments. Plant operators are incorporating an array of sophisticated pathogen-killing technologies that can be applied multiple times during processing to minimize contamination.

Ecolab, which last summer merged with Redmond, WA-based

The 7th Annual Food Safety Summit and Expo will focus on the latest developments in protecting the nation’s food supply from being compromised by any potential food safety or food security incidents, including everything from E.coli to salmonella to intentional contamination by terrorists, according to organizers.

More than 1,800 food manufacturers, food processors, restaurant executives

Wairarapa Bakery and Cafe on Queen Street, Masterton, re-opened yesterday after being closed for several days because of an outbreak of food poisoning. The eatery became the focus of a public health inquiry after links between salmonella illness and the cafe were made on February 15.

In 10 days eight cases of salmonella had been

The Ohio Department of Health has scheduled a press conference to release the "preliminary-investigational report" disclosing what caused about 1,500 people to contract gastrointestinal illness last summer at Put-In-Bay Village Hall on South Bass Island.

Test results from stool and vomit samples taken from 15 people showed three types of infections: campylobacter, salmonella and

Margaret-Ann Reynard, 39, is suing Exquisite Quisine after eating at one of its restaurants in East Kilbride with her fiance in 2000. The former midwife is seeking one million pounds in compensation after claiming a Chinese meal at the restaurant gave her salmonella poisoning and triggered arthritis.

Her counsel, Maria Maguire QC, told the Court

Payroll checks caught up in the company’s bankruptcy hearings will finally be released early next week to former employees of the company.

Coronet CEO Ernie Pascua said even more help could be on the way. Currently, the company is in talks with a nationally known company regarding a buyout. Pascua also said Coronet filed a

County health officials are again warning people not to buy or eat illegal cheese that has been sold at swap meets, out of the backs of cars and trucks, on street corners and even door to door, reports Gig Conaughton.

Last July, county officials warned people to stay away from illegal, so-called, "bathtub" cheeses, that

Of the 28 fourth-graders sickened by undercooked chicken Tuesday, 19 were back at New Brighton Elementary School yesterday.

Superintendent John Osheka said there is a minor risk of salmonella infection, and the district sent a letter home with pupils Tuesday asking parents to be alert for symptoms. Salmonella has a 12- to 48-hour incubation period