January 2005

Salmonella is the City of Alburquerque’s "Bug of the Month." To that end, they have posted educational information in regards to the infectious disease:

What is Salmonella?
Salmonella are microscopic living creatures that pass from the feces of people or animals, to other people or other animals. There are many different kinds of salmonella bacteria.

PETA had hoped to place its brand-new billboard–showing a middle-aged couple next to the tagline "Meat Causes Cancer … Go Vegetarian"–in Southern Pines in time for the North Carolina Meat Processors Association Conference next week, but it was rejected by the area’s outdoor advertising company.

Studies published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, the International


Salmonella is one of the most common enteric (intestinal) infections in the U.S. In some states (e.g. Georgia, Maryland) it is the most common, and overall it is the second most common foodborne illness (usually slightly less frequent than a Campylobacter infection). The reported incidence of Salmonella illnesses are about 17 cases per each

The latest edition of The Diagnosis and Management of Foodborne Illness is now available on the American Medical Association Web site for downloading to personal digital assistants. The primer was produced by the AMA in collaboration with several other health professional groups.

The first edition of the primer, released last year, was met with such

Salmonella is the likely cause of a food poisoning outbreak that may have hit up to 400 Melburnians, including a toddler. Authorities are still testing but yesterday confirmed at least 135 had food poisoning – up from 24 confirmed cases on Friday.

More than 400 people have called health authorities to complain of illness after

A new report concludes that patients with antibiotic-resistant infections caused by salmonella bacteria are more likely to suffer potentially deadly bloodstream infections than are patients with non-resistant salmonella. Salmonella, a leading bacterial cause of food poisoning, is responsible for 1.4 million food poisoning cases and about 500 deaths per year.

The study, published in the

To prevent salmonella bacterial infection:

  • Cook poultry, ground beef, and eggs thoroughly before eating. In order to insure that eggs do not contain viable salmonella, they must be cooked at least until the yoke is solid and meat and poultry must reach 160 degrees F or greater throughout.
  • Do not eat or drink foods containing

Salmonella bacteria is discovered in stool cultures. Although blood cultures are rarely positive, bacteremia does occur in 5% of adults with Salmonella gastroenteritis and can result in hematogenous spread to the heart (endocarditis), spleen, bone (osteomyelitis), and joints (reactive arthritis).
What tests can be done to determine whether a person has Salmonellosis?
The diagnosis of

Amarillo Environmental Health officials have traced a salmonella outbreak to the Tacos Garcia restaurant located at 1100 Ross Street. At least twelve patrons who ate together at the restaurant on January 4 became ill with salmonella poisoning. Four members of the group submitted stool samples that tested positive for the bacteria, and all members were

After a three-year federal investigation Robert A. Shipley of Nogales, and his son, Lee Alan Shipley, were each sentenced on Monday, to four years’ probation for conspiracy and false reporting to the United States government. In addition, over $2.7 million dollars were forfeited and both had to pay a $250 fine.

Robert Shipley owns Shipley