December 2004

Enterobacteria are a large heterogeneous group of gram-negative rods whose natural habitat is the intestinal tract of humans and animals. The family includes many genera, of which salmonella is one.

There are 1500 to 2000 types of salmonellae, with one type, S. typhi (typhoid fever), notorious, and another type, S. typhimurium, the most common enterocolitis

The FDA says it still hasn’t determined how tomatoes were tainted with salmonella before they sickened at least 429 convenience store customers in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Ohio.

In August, WBAL reports, Hurricane Charley wiped out some evidence when it struck Florida farms where the tomatoes were grown. Officials believe the tomatoes were likely

A Ligonier Township woman has filed the first Westmoreland County lawsuit in connection with salmonella poisonings last summer at area Sheetz stores, reports the Tribune-Review.

Amanda G. Moore, of Oakview Drive, contended in court documents filed last week that she contracted food poisoning from a chicken salad sandwich she purchased July 8 at the Sheetz

December 27, 2004
PITTSBURGH-The Food and Drug Administration says it still hasn’t determined how tomatoes were tainted with salmonella before they sickened at least 429 Sheetz convenience store customers in Pennsylvania and neighboring states.
Hurricane Charley, which hit Florida in August, wiped out some evidence when it struck farms where the tomatoes were grown.

Investigators still don’t know what caused the summer salmonella outbreak among patrons of Sheetz convenience stores, which resulted in 429 confirmed cases among people in nine states.

The search for the source of contamination had a setback in August, reports the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, when Hurricane Charley hit Florida, home of farms that likely grew the

There are still no answers as to what caused the Sheetz salmonella outbreak. The FDA said it still doesn`t know how the tomatoes were tainted with salmonella.

The FDA said Hurricane Charley wiped out any clues when it hit Florida tomato farms, reports NBC25 News.

Officials think animals probably contaminated the tomatoes. West Virginia-based

Residents at a Murray Mallee aged care facility have been confirmed as having salmonella. Eleven residents were recently confirmed as having gastro-enteritis and after investigations by the Department of Health some of these people were confirmed as having contracted salmonella.

Department of Health Communicable Control Branch acting director Jane Raupach said the exact number

Javier Ochoa Repraz defended his PhD thesis at the University of Navarre Faculty of Science on the development of an acellular vaccine aginst salmonella enteritidis. This involves a world pandemia considered to be the most importante zoonosis or illness/infection transmissible salmonellosis by animals to humans under natural conditions. It is estimated that the incidence of

The caterer whose baked beans made people at a church picnic sick won’t be punished, reports News 14 Carolina.

Police charged Carl Privette with creating a public health hazard and failure to prepare food in a licensed, commercial kitchen. In June, 55 people got salmonella food poisoning from his baked beans.

On Wednesday, Privette received