September 2004

The state Department of Health Services warns anyone who purchased Chef’s Review nonfat dry milk sold in 5-pound bags at Smart & Final stores should not use the milk because it may be contaminated with salmonella.

Smart & Final is recalling nearly 500 bags of the product, which were distributed across California, reports the

Lea Thompson, Chief Consumer Correspondent for Dateline NBC, decided to take a look at food handling and cleanliness at family dining restaurants. She was expecting to turn up clean bills of health. Instead, she was stunned at what they found.

They pulled together restaurant inspection reports for a recent 15 month period — this time

Employees at three out of four restaurants don’t wash their hands well enough or often enough while handling your food, says Janet Rausa Fuller.

She continues to say that more than half of fast-food joints aren’t properly cleaning work surfaces and utensils used to cook burgers, and roughly two out of three deli departments aren’t

At least three new cases of suspected salmonella poisoning have been reported to Lake County officials this week, prompting renewed calls from officials that people should discard jams and a peanut-butter spread served and sold at the Dinnerbell Restaurant and Bakery in St. Ignatius.

Susan Brueggeman, environmental health director for Lake County, said Wednesday the

Missoula health officials advise anyone who bought jams or peanut butter, prepared by the Dinnerbell Bakery and Banquets near St. Ignatius, to discard the food.

Lake County health officials say the jams and peanut butter may be contaminated with bacteria that could cause illness.

The popular Amish restaurant, outside St. Ignatius, was ordered closed last

Cross-contamination of drinking water with salmonella bacteria from a poultry pen was the likely cause of a disease outbreak that has closed the Dinnerbell restaurant since early August, reports the Missoulian.

The Dinnerbell Bakery and Banquets is a popular Amish restaurant near St. Ignatius that features traditional American cuisine such as baked chicken and gravy

The FDA yesterday recommended changes aimed at reducing by one-third the salmonella infections caused each year by tainted eggs, according to the Associated Press.

The agency estimates that 118,000 people each year are sickened by eating improperly cooked eggs contaminated with salmonella.

By bolstering safety at farms with more than 3,000 laying hens that do

Last week the Lake County Leader ran a short brief on a salmonella report issued by the Lake County Health Department. The brief reported an outbreak of 15 cases of salmonella linked to an eating establishment in Lake County.

The name of the restaurant was not disclosed in the original release.

The Lake County Health

PULLMAN, Wash. — The two-headed calves and grossly enlarged animal skulls mounted on the walls of the Washington State University veterinary hospital are known as monsters, but they are not the type that keep scientists here awake at night.
The researchers are much more worried about plague, E. coli, anthrax or other deadly agents that