July 2004

A Butler County woman yesterday sued Wheeling, West Virginia based Coronet Foods in U.S. District Court, saying she got sick from salmonella poisoning after eating tomatoes Coronet supplied to a Sheetz store.

Torsten Ove of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported that It was the second federal lawsuit filed over the salmonella outbreak that has sickened hundreds

If experience from other outbreaks holds true, the more than 200 people sickened during this month’s salmonella outbreak shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for the original source of the contamination to be pinpointed theorizes Christopher Snowbeck in a report for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

Past experience with salmonella outbreaks indicates that the original source of the

As the investigation continues into the cause of a salmonella outbreak affecting at least 188 people in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, the number of suspected cases are on the rise as 13 Ohioians have become ill possibly as the result of eating contaminated produce from a Sheetz convenience store reports Bethany Holstein of Wire Dispatches.

The number of Pennsylvanians sickened in a regional salmonella outbreak increased to 210 today, the state Department of Health reported.

Maryland and Ohio officials are reporting a combined 49 cases of salmonella among people who recently ate at Sheetz convenience stores, the chain where people in Pennsylvania were exposed to salmonella through food says Christopher

The number of Pennsylvanians sickened in a regional salmonella outbreak now stands at 130, the state Department of Health reported this afternoon.

The 130 cases in Pennsylvania are spread out among 31 counties. Seven counties including Butler and Westmoreland have at least five residents who have taken ill in the outbreak. Another 24 counties including

As the number of confirmed salmonellosis outbreak victims grew to 172 Tuesday, state and federal investigators tried to unravel the far-reaching outbreak and its causes.

State and federal investigators worked to contain the far-reaching salmonellosis outbreak as he number reached 172 victims Tuesday.

"We will take care of people who got sick," vowed Steve Sheetz

A salmonella outbreak linked to Sheetz convenience stores in Pennsylvania may have crossed the line into Ohio reports Beacon Journal medical writer Tracy Wheeler.

The Ohio Department of Health is reporting thirteen laboratory-confirmed cases of salmonella in people who had eaten at Sheetz. However, as of Tuesday afternoon, just two of those thirteen cases were