April 2004

Thurston County Health Officer Dr. Diana Yu has earned a reputation for being a nag about hand washing. Her reasons are simple. "The reality is that there are not that many diseases that we can’t prevent by hand washing," she said.

Thurston County has had a hand-washing education program in place since 1992. The program

Seattle lawfirm Marler Clark is currently litigating on behalf of victims of salmonella outbreaks at a Chili’s restaurant in Vernon Hills, IL, and at a Golden Corral restaurant near Atlanta, GA.

Outbreaks of salmonella have been linked to eggs, poultry, fruits. vegetables, and unpasteurized juices. Infected food service workers who practiced improper handwashing techniques have

The USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service performs random testing at meat production plants around the US in an effort to prevent foodborne illness outbreaks. When potentially contaminated meat is identified, FSIS requests the recall of the product from all channels of distribution.

A recall occurs when a firm voluntarily removes product (i.e. contaminated meat)

Taiwanese doctors have identified a potentially fatal strain of salmonella bacteria that is resistant to two antibiotics widely used to treat serious infections, according to the HealthDay Reporter.

The appearance of the multi-resistant strain "is a serious threat to public health, and thus constant surveillance is warranted," physicians at the Chang Gung University College of

Ohio is the second largest egg producing state in the nation, with 30 million laying chickens and 10 million pullets – hens less than 1 year old. These and other facts were discussed at the Harrison County Farm Bureau Promotion and Education Committee Farm/City Brunch held recently at the Jewett Firehouse.

Sandy Valdinger, co-chairman of